Wilson Electronics – MobilePro – Portable Cell Phone Signal Booster – Includes 4-Inch Magnet Mount Antenna

Featuring two times the power of a normal cell phone, the SignalBoost Mobile Pro Dual Band 800/1900 MHz Cellular Amplifier is designed to significantly enhance cellular signal for multiple cell phones or cellular-based data cards (except iDEN/Nextel) simultaneously. The Mobile Pro can be used to boost cellular signal (both voice and data) in any vehicle,

Featuring two times the power of a normal cell phone, the SignalBoost Mobile Pro Dual Band 800/1900 MHz Cellular Amplifier is designed to significantly enhance cellular signal for multiple cell phones or cellular-based data cards (except iDEN/Nextel) simultaneously. The Mobile Pro can be used to boost cellular signal (both voice and data) in any vehicle, at home, at the office, or even in a hotel room or at the airport for every U.S. cellular provider (except iDEN/Nextel). This state-of-the-art cellular amplifier may be powered using a cigarette lighter adapter, an AC wall adapter, or even straight from the USB port on a laptop. The Mobile Pro Amplifier Kit includes a Mini-Magnet mount antenna, the Dual Band Mobile Pro Cellular Amplifier, a USB Power cable, 5v DC power supply, 5v AC/DC power supply, window bracket, and a convenient carrying case to hold all of the components while you are on the go. Call Wilson’s fully staffed Tech Department for questions or help at 866-294-1660.

The use of radio distribution equipment that enhances, extends or amplifies a wireless signal may be prohibited without the consent of the wireless carrier upon whose network such equipment will be used. You should consult with your carrier before purchasing such equipment to use with that carrier’s service.

If you experience dropped calls and poor cell phone signal quality in your car, home or office then the Wilson MobilePro Cell Phone Signal Booster kit is the solution. Increasing your cell phone’s power by as much as 10 times, the Wilson MobilePro significantly improves the performance of your cellular and data devices by increasing the power output of your cell phone signal where you are experiencing a weak signal. Designed for portability and mobility the MobilePro includes several power adapters, and is easily moved from your vehicle to home, hotel, airport, and office creating an improved cellular signal.

Wilson Electronics 801242 MobilePro Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

Wilson MobileProWith the MobilePro, you’ll experience fewer dropped calls. View larger.It’s All About Power

The primary cause of dropped calls is low signal output power from the cell phone to the cell tower, which limits the phone’s ability to communicate with the tower. A typical cell phone provides merely one-fifth of a watt of output power. To address this problem, the amplifier and the included magnet mount antenna work together to increase the phone’s output power by as much as 10 times over using just the phone alone.

Enjoy Premium Reception and Fewer Dropped Calls

Living or working in an area with limited cell phone coverage, which is caused by natural and man-made obstructions or by living out of range from a cell phone tower, you know how frustrating weak reception can be. By increasing the power output of your cell phone signal, the Wilson MobilePro helps eliminate most of the signal loss caused by these obstructions. It’s important to note, the strongest signal is obtained when the MobilePro is within two feet of your cell phone, laptop or data card. If you sit at a distance greater than two feet, simply set your phone next to the MobilePro booster and use a Bluetooth headset.

The MobilePro comes with several power options, including a vehicle cigarette lighter adapter, a USB power cable, and a standard five-volt AC/DC adapter. The variety of power options ensures that you’ll continue to have a boosted signal whether you’re driving in your car, traveling with your laptop, or working at your desk. Included with the booster kit is a convenient carrying case that fits neatly inside a briefcase, handbag or suitcase.

Once installed, the MobilePro can simultaneously support multiple cell phones and data cards. You’ll experience fewer dropped calls, clearer call quality, and improved data rates–even with 3G technologies.

Installing the MobilePro

Installation is quick and easy; everything you need for installation in a building or car is included in the kit.

Wilson MobileProInstallation in a building takes just a few minutes. View larger.In a Building

To install, simply attach the suction-cup window bracket to the inside of the window and place the magnet mount antenna on the bracket. Connect the magnet mount antenna to the amplifier. Power the amplifier by using the USB power cord and plugging it into a computer USB port or the standard AC adapter. Place the MobilePro within 12 inches of your phone, laptop, or data card to receive an improved signal.

In a CarWilson MobileProIncluded mounting hardware simplifies installation in a car. View larger.

To install, simply attach the magnet mount antenna to the roof of your vehicle. Connect the cable of the magnet mount antenna to the amplifier. Mount the amplifier to the dash or other area using the supplied mounting hardware. Power the amplifier using the cigarette lighter adapter, or by plugging the USB cord into your laptop computer. Now you’re ready to enjoy a stronger cell phone signal typically within two feet from the amplifier.

Compatible with Most Cell Phone Models and Providers

The Wilson MobilePro is compatible with all US and Canadian cellular providers, excluding iDEN, Nextel, and MIKE. The kit supports CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and AMPS cell phone technologies, as well as data protocols such as GPRS, 1xRTT, HSDPA, EVDO, and EDGE.

SpecificationsFrequency: 824-894 MHz / 1850-1990 MHzGain: 40dB / 42dBMax Output Power: 500 mwMax RF (downlink): +8dBmNoise Figure: 3.5dB nominalFlatness: +/-4dBIsolation: > 90dBPower Requirements: 5V – 8VConnectors: SMA FemaleDimensions: 2 x 4.75 x 1 inchesWeight: 3 ozWhat’s in the Box

MobilePro unit, mini magnet-mount antenna, USB power cable, cigarette-lighter power adapter, five-volt AC/DC adapter, two convenient mounting options, and carrying case

MobilePro Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

At a glance:Provides a signal up to 10 times stronger than your cell phone, improving reception and data rates

Designed for portability and mobility; great for use in your office, car, hotels, airports, or home

Plug & Play Kit–easy installation; everything you need is in the box!

Compatible with all US and Canadian cellular providers, excluding iDEN, Nextel, and MIKE

Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Wilson MobileProStay connected even in problem areas with limited cell phone coverage. View larger.

Product Features

  • Amplifies Signals to and from the Cell Site.
  • Microprocessor-Controlled Circuitry Ensures Reliable Operation within Regulatory Standards
  • Amplifier Features built-in Antenna and Mini Magnet external antenna
  • Installs in minutes- no tools required
  • Portable – can easily be moved from Vehicle to Building.
  • Dual-Band Cellular Amplifier with Wireless Connection for Voice & Data
  • Extends Signal Range & Increases Data R
  • Greatly Reduces Dropped Calls
  • World’S First Vehicular Cellular Amplifier That Can Be Used In A Home, Office, Hotel, Airport, Bus, Train & Cab
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Doc Stew says:

Works very well for me, but inconsistent results I travel through the countryside frequently, and always have areas where I drop calls or can’t get data on my phone. I’ve seen those cheap signal boosters you put into your phone on ebay, and they just don’t work. So needless to say, I was skeptical that a product like a the Wilson signal booster could really work for me. And I was wrong – mostly.If used properly, this signal booster should significantly decrease all frustration you once had with dropped calls and low signal…

Saint Tardamus says:

Need to adjust the title of this product I believe the addition of “and home/office” in the title is misleading. Yes, technically it can be used in your house or your office. But, there is no doubt that this product is built to be in your car. For home users, it provides a bubble of about 6 ft of coverage. So, if you want to use your cell phone like a wired landline, it’s great.I believe it work great for a car. If you are buying it for your car…go for it.If you are buying it for your house, look…

Julian says:

I think youre on target, this seems to be a theme with many of the relpeis Ive received. Today I am moving the antenna 10 feet from the house and surrounding fence. Thats about the best I can do since XYLs garden takes precedence. (Along with the yard, and the view, and ascetics, and what the neighbors might thinkwell you get the picture.) Anyhow, it looks like its going to be a fine day to move an antenna. Might put up a video with results later in the day.73John

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